Hello there! 👋 I'm – Pavel Nappsel

Frontend developer, UI engineer, traveler.

Web Design, Development, Mentoring for companies and entrepreneurs that want to grow their business with a great website. For 7 years I've been designing and coding beautifully simple things, and I love what I do.

What I do

As a developer, I understand that the ideal UI should look good and work even better. Working together with my clients, I identify problems and finds the solutions for them. My goal is to help small and medium-sized projects to grow, using everything I know about creating and promoting websites.

Процесс разработки сайта

Web Apps and Corporate sites

Simple, minimalist and effective. This is my main approach and method. Comfortable interface, clean code and professional performance. Development as it should be.

More than just a frontend

I have skills in other areas, for example SEO. I also have the necessary skills to manage projects, which allows me to effectively prioritize tasks and organize teamwork.

Creator. Partner. Co-author.

The ideas and goals of customers are unique. As a developer, I can create or support your project at any stage where it is necessary.

My works

I worked on a variety of projects, but, unfortunately, not all of them can be shown. My work includes tasks that go beyond one specific action or example. Here are some of my recent projects.


Skills and experience 💪





Front-end Developer

Some awesome company in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria? Why not? Do you have some offers? 😉


Front-end Developer



Lead Developer

Окна «Rocco»


Web Developer


I also have a hobby - exploring the world! 🛫

At every opportunity I try to travel and discover new cities and countries. Here are 12 countries that I've already visited. Also I try to share my impressions in my Instagram account. Check it out if you are interested. 🙃

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